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LUBO‘s new Web site revision go formally up the line
Cai DAzhong, a senior consultant by LUBO, has developed a sales skills training for USD company employers.
A VIP training for PHOENIXTV is successfully held by LUBO Consulting
Special Course Recommendation
Consumer Staples ---- Consumer Psychological
IT Industry ---- Channel Success
General Courses ---- Leadership、Sales
Company Pofile
  Shanghai LUBO Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd is a professional
institution offering human resource solutions by Management Consulting,
management training and Experiential management training. LUBO has a team of
CHAMPION consultants leading by general managers from renowned enterprises and
a management team with extensive experience in business.
   LUBO has coordinated and conducted training courses for and become a loyal
partner of these customers such as ABB, AUTODESTK, GE, LSI, UDS, L'Oreal,
Coca-Cola, Shanghai Media Group, Shanghai Jahwa and other famous enterprises
all over the world.......
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